SnapN Whitepaper



Total supply GON token: 100.000.000

Fair Launch Token Releasing - 60.000.000 GON

GON token will be Fair Launch released in order to archive:
  • A decentralized crypto network that is earned, owned, and governed by the community from the outset.
  • Everyone can participate on equal footing.
  • There is no early access, pre-mine, or allocation of tokens.
All capital received from Fair launch will be allocated as below:
60% go directly to GON liquidity
20% go directly to ODR liquidity
20% will be used in the marketing campaign and community building

GON Function

GON will be the in-game currency in SNAPN and will be used in various functions in the game:
  • Purchasing Gauntlet Box
  • Purchasing Infinity Gem
  • Removing gems from sockets
  • Leveling up gauntlet
  • Repair Gauntlet's Durability
  • Buy back energy
  • Reward with gauntlets that reach Lv30
In the upcoming plans, players can use GON to vote or stake

Selling tax allocation

Buying tax is 0%
Selling tax is 4% which is equally divided into 4 pools, 1% each as follows:

1. Marketing pool

1% will be used in marketing activities, paid to KOLs and new partners in the future

2. Reward Pool

This fund will be used to reward SnapN players

3. Go directly to ODR token liquid pool

4. Burnt immediately

Helps stabilize the token's price and avoid slippage, protecting users' and investors' long-term benefits.
GON token Address: 0xa3DE968553eE82194366b5cc676646FA8A4057B9
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