SnapN Whitepaper

Earning mechanism

Daily Income

The amount of tokens received from your reward locations will be based on the level of the gauntlet used to perform the Snap
The amount of ODR tokens will be calculated as follows
Tokens obtained from common locations = Gauntlet's level
Tokens obtained from rare locations = Gauntlet's level x 1.5
GON reward: comming soon

Gauntlet trading market

Each gauntlet has its own set of random stats, and if your gauntlet's stats are good enough. You absolutely can sell at a good price on the P2P market (comming soon)
Not only that, you can also use GON to mint new gauntlets once you have reached the required level of the gauntlet, as well as you can fuse 2 gauntlets in order to produce a new gauntlet with better stats and type. then to be able to resell with even higher price on the P2P market (comming soon)