SnapN Whitepaper


Promote active gaming. Have fun & earn
SnapN is a Web3 mobile app with inbuilt Game-Fi and Social-Fi elements. You can earn rewards in Crypto/NFTs just by enjoying the beautiful life and exploring the wonderful world
Nowadays, young people spend too much time playing games, and using phones. Sometimes you forget the beautiful outside world. SnapN was born to motivate people to be active and go outdoors to solve this problem. Besides exercise, you will earn money.
Our goal is to develop the positive side of mobile games and help you live a healthy life.

Problem Statement

For the majority of us, it's hard to stay healthy and have a consistent daily routine. The rat race keeps everyone busy, stuck in the cycle of life, making money, and fulfilling our responsibilities.
Spending too much time at work and trying to fulfill many obligations, sometimes we forget an extremely important thing that is to keep our health by simple things like going outdoor, exercising regularly, stay active.
SnapN is a Web3 built with the desire to change people's daily behavior, focusing on trivial yet extremely important things. With the Game-Fi element, SnapN ultimate aim is to make people adopt a healthier and more active lifestyle.
To achieve this mission, we believe that web 3.0 offers a perfect blend of tools like NFT gaming, Native global currency, Community effect, etc, which bring the interesting elements of game-fi, social-fi, and real money rewards.

Vision and Mission

SnapN aims to build a community of users who always get dual benefits when using SnapN: an active lifestyle and a stable passive income source from being active.
SnapN is a method of health training, based on that, users can earn corresponding profits. That is the contemporary trend --> Move-To-Earn. Users can own their favorite NFTs to move outdoors to earn profits with SnapN tokens. We are actually happy and proud to not only connect the passions but also inspire the community with the values: Human health - Economic values.


Governance Token: GON (Go out now)
Total supply GON token: 100.000.000
Utility Token: ODR (Outdoor Reward)
ODR has an unlimited supply and 1,000,000 ODR were minted to provide liquidity
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